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Prime Move Investments concentrate in the sale of properties for investments and redevelopment. This can include overall site redevelopment and/or the conversion, refurbishment and modernisation of existing buildings. Investment and Development opportunities come in various shapes and sizes from single unit refurbishments to 'new build' schemes for multiple mixed commercial and residential units.

A plethora of dissimilar types of people utilise our property acquisition and clearance services from domestic occupiers to sole traders, multi-national plc's and property companies. For the amateur investor/developer it is essential to consider the following points before committing to purchasing a property of this nature:

Current Properties

'Planning permission' - This may be essential should the external appearance of existing site be altered or if new erections are proposed. Planning permission may also be required if a change of use is proposed from a commercial property to a residential property of vice versa. There may be exceptions to the rule as some changes are considered as 'permitted development' under the Use Classes Order 1987. The majority of our opportunities are not offered on a 'subject to planning' basis which means it is essential for applicants to conduct their diligence in this respect before commencing negotiations. This is easily done by consulting with the relevant Local Planning Authority or/and following the guidelines set out in the most recent Unitary Development Plan (UDP). In the case of public houses for example planning consent is not required to change the current use (A4 'Drinking Establishments') to A1 (shops), A2 (financial and professional services) or A3 (restaurants and cafes).

'Costs' - There are endless costs associated with a potential site redevelopment and/or the conversion, refurbishment and modernisation of existing buildings. It is essential from the outset to be surrounded by a highly experienced and reliable professional team. Appointing good architect and quantity surveyor is a perfect starting point in establishing architectural possibilities and quoting an estimate on build costs associated with the development. They can also assist in obtaining planning consent and advising on matters such as whether Listed Building Consent is required and whether Conservation Area rules need to be followed. Most professionals can also recommend good builders, plumbers, architects and electricians for the specific job at hand. Other costs which need to be accounted for include lawyers fees and Stamp Duty which are general applicable in every acquisition. VAT may also be applicable in certain instances.
'Prime Move Investments' - We can be the essential component in the successful acquisition of your property assets. Established in 2004 we have specialised in the sale and acquisition of investment and development property to the trade since incorporation. Some examples of such property include houses for conversion, development sites with and without planning consent and tenanted property sales such as 'HMO's', 'Shops and Uppers' and regulated tenancies. We have also had experience in the acquisition and disposal of low yielding institutional lots let to prime covenants.

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Just recently Prime Move Investments have expanded and established themselves as one of the leading companies in the sale of freehold public houses across the UK. We have developed a reputation for selling pubs to people who were not aware they could use such a versatile asset for their occupational needs.




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